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2022 VALORANT Champions Crowned The Highest Viewed Esports Competition

VALORANT Leaders 2022 has become the most watched esports competition in the history of the VALORANT European Series, which wrapped out its current and most recent campaign this past week in Istanbul, Turkey.

Esports Trends statistics show that between August 31 and September 18 of 2022, this competition attracted around 520,000 typical viewers and 1.5 million maximum viewers.

Interestingly, the semifinal involving OpTic Gaming and their counterpart, LOUD, which featured the Brazilian organization, attracted the most number of spectators. The two groups earlier competed in the VCT Champions Reykjavik 2022 playoffs, which even drew over a million spectators.

Well over 720,000 people watched the encounters of the Brazilian squad LOUD during the competition, making each other the first and most watched VALORANT squad.

The VALORANT Masters Series, which is wrapping up its new edition, is the primary esports competition for the game. Riot Games is in charge of organizing the tournament, which has three distinct levels which are Contenders, Premier, and Winners. Nevertheless, after the addition of overseas competitions, associate clubs, and a redesigned Contenders model, this structure is expected to alter for the upcoming season.

Figures amounting to about 1.1 million maximum spectators watched the most recent VALORANT Masters event, which went down sometime in December 2021. It’s crucial to remember that next year’s Winners was a full-fledged LAN competition with attendees, as opposed to the tournament’s 2021 iteration, which didn’t have a high level of interaction.

Riot Games has indeed announced preparations for the VCT campaign in 2023, which will begin with a sizable tournament in Brazil. The competition is scheduled for some time in February 2023 which will include all VCT associate clubs from professional divisions. All attention will be focused on the organizations chosen to become a component of VALORANT’s associate group administration upon the end of VCT 2022.

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