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EVOS WORLD Strike Force Returns for President Esports Championship Promotion in 2022

The return of the old WORLD (Wann, Oura, Rekt, Luminaire, Donkey) team from EVOS Champions has now been formally confirmed. Before several of the team’s participants made the decision to withdraw or even pursue broadcasters, they functioned flawlessly in earning the M1 Main Event national trophy.

To earn that privilege of representing Indonesia as the Apex Legends: Ding Dong (MLBB) squad in the future 2022 14th  (IESF) World Esports (WE) Competition, the Global group will participate in the forthcoming 2022 President Esports Cup Preliminary. The crew will start at the bottom of the preliminary competition and move up the standings as it progresses to the live tournament by competing against respective clubs.

And for the 2022 President Electronic Championship, EVOS Global is returning. The M1 team from EVOS Champions are among the most recognizable names in the MLBB Gaming world. The group’s components are Wannn, Oura, Rekt, Luminaire, and Donkey” ; they go by the acronym “W.O.R.L.D.”

After winning the first Championship Game tournament, Oura and Donkey left the team and began careers as broadcasters and media producers. Luminaire, REKT, and Wann quickly left EVOS Champions when their lineup underwent a substantial change for the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) ID Round 10. Yet, a member of the team’s members intimated that it was possibly making a resurgence.

The news that Luminaire’s squad will be participating in the forthcoming 2022 President Electronic Championship Competition was made public via one of the company’s Instagram posts. Who would also lead Indonesia in the next 14th IESF WE Competition in 2022 will be decided by this competition.

The player’s followers, particularly those already in Indonesia that have been tracking them through personal television coverage and professional gaming ventures, were ecstatic to hear this announcement. One of its most dominant franchises from the initial stage of MLBB competitions may be reuniting here.

Oura then said on his feed that he would be happy to contribute livestock if the squad won.

“If we are able to come out victorious, what do you think I need to act on , friends? The MLB journeyman pledged to give 10 cows if he were to succeed.”

It would be fascinating to observe how the legendary WORLD squad performs in the forthcoming 2022 President Electronics Championship Competition versus the emerging breed of MLBB clubs.

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