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OTK and Emiru Shares Updates on the $25,000 League of Legends Contest

This September, OTK Edge, a League of Legends competition with well-known streamers, will return. The most recent iteration of the competition will hold on September 16, 2022, according to a tweet posted last week by esports company OTK and broadcaster Emily “Emiru” Schunk. There is a sizable community fund of $25,000 available.

At 12 p.m. PT/2 p.m. CST/3 p.m. ET, Emiru will moderate the whole competition livestream on her Twitch account. One True King Rift’s inaugural tournament was a significant occasion. It occurred in march 2022, and 40 subscribers participated in all. Upon this Summoner’s Rift, there was an in-house competition among the biggest personalities of the game.

The squad leaders for OTK Rift September 2022 have been named, and Sykkuno is anticipated to continue playing for the reigning premiers. OTK has published a number of the leaders for the forthcoming League of Legends competition even though the complete teams have not yet been revealed. Several new names have been put on the list, and some individuals from the previous installment have returned. Names like Filian, Tectone, Buddha and so on are the team leaders of the championship.

The squad has yet to be formally introduced. Content provider Thomas “Sykkuno” has, nonetheless, raised the prospect of joining his former squad again, the defending champions. With Buddha winning games lane, Harry performing jungler, Blaustoise performing mid, Sykkuno performing assistance, and xQc attempting to play push, Team Buddha won the very first OTK Rift title.

Buddha wants to keep his squad’s championship. According to what Sykkuno mentioned to Lily “LilyPichu” Ki, a colleague content producer, in a recent appearance, he may even be trying to reunite the group.

Sykkuno responded to Lily’s attempt to blame him for embracing her squad by saying:

“You see Lily, this is what occurred. Recall how I assured you that I would have conquered that particular competition using a specific team, and I expressly stated that I will enter your squad if my major winning team does not really transform?”

LilyPichu’s plea was politely denied by Sykkuno, who noted the level of oddness this will bring provided the reigning champions did not attend the competition:

“Because especially, like, the top team not showing up to the competition again, right? I think that’s unusual. You know, like? The reigning champions weren’t there. That would be extremely weird. Like the reigning champions,” she said.

The OTK Rift launch has received overwhelmingly favorable feedback from supporters and esports figures.

Fans of Sykkuno wished to see him revert to the competition in large numbers. Since several well-known broadcasters are anticipated to participate, the activity is anticipated to receive a lot of media coverage.

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