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Top CSGO Skins in 2022

While CS:GO  skins might look super cool, these aesthetic finishes can be extremely expensive, which makes many of them highly sought-after and relatively rare. How can one find skins with cool designs but affordable prices? We have your back!

Read on for a full overview of the top CS:GO skins in 2022.

Which CSGO Skins Offer Superior Cost-Benefit – Looking Closely

The following selection is not exclusively focused on rarity or status but the cost-benefit aspect of each skin. Hence, these are popular skins that can please the most demanding CS:GO player at first glance and fit in the pocket of most users.

While this is a good way to start, users can find other possibilities by researching good sources such as CSGO Fandom,, and other expert CS:GO websites. 

Here’s a list of stylish, good-looking skins that will not ruin your bankroll:

Glock-18 Candy Apple

It is not surprising that the Glock-18 Candy Apple is one of the world’s most popular CS:GO skins. Launched as a part of the “Italy Collection,” this skin is classified as a “Mild-Spec” pistol available only in three options of exterior quality:

  • Factory New
  • Field-Tested, and 
  • Minimal Wear

Also considered a global hit among professional players, the Glock-18 Candy Apple consists of a dual-color design that combines two basic colors – straight red and gleaming black.

The parts of the gun are spray-painted individually and then fixed together, which gives this skin a fine-looking finishing touch. The pricing range is neither low-budget-tier nor extremely expensive. For example, Minimal Wear versions are available for around $290.

USP-S Cyrex

Another fan favorite among professional players is the USP-S Cyrex skin. Exclusively applied to pistols, this skin looks sleek with a sports-themed vibe, industrial-grade technical descriptions, and a super combination of colors in red, black, and silver.

The contrast between the colors and the addition of a sound suppressor makes it look unique. Classified as a “Restricted” item, this pistol skin has a float between 0.00 to 0.55, which means it is available in all stages of wear and tear.

The pricing range varies from $3.51 (Factory New) to $1.24 (Battle-Scarred). StatTrak versions cost between $12 (Factory New) and $3.50 (Battle-Scarred). If you are looking for a perfect deal, that’s the finish to use on your pistol.

Glock-18 Moonrise

Classified as a “Restricted” pistol, the Glock-18 Moonrise is part of the “Clutch Collection” and can be dropped in Clutch Cases. When compared to the Candy Apple design, it is the second favorite among pro-level CS:GO players.

Undoubtedly, the design of this skin is unparalleled. On top of an all-black base, the pistol’s barrel features a New York-inspired city with a big full moon over a bridge. The whole scenario is backed by a purple sky sprinkled with stars.

Available in StatTrak versions, a Factory New item can be purchased for $1.23 (standard) or $3.45 (StatTrak) on Steam.

AK-47 Uncharted

The most popular weapon trio on CS:GO consists of the M4, the AWP, and the AK-47 rifles. These powerful blasting machines allow you to drop opponents to the ground with a single shot.

If you are a fan of AKs, you must consider the idea of wearing an AK-47 Uncharted finish over your weapon. All done in brown and black, this rifle looks like a camouflage-riddled version of a CS:GO rifle with wooden Aztec sculpture patterns.

Classified as a “Mild-Spec” rifle, it has a float between 0.00 and 0.75. Hence, you can find it on all stages of wear and tear available. This item can be dropped on Prisma Cases.

The price range is accessible for any CS:GO player. A Factory New item can be purchased for a mere $1.66, while a StatTrak version of the same item is available for $5.50.

AWP Asiimov

The AWP rifle is a powerful weapon, but it can make you a broke man as well. Considering the weapon is already expensive, it makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars on skins with a low budget. 

Another favorite of pro-level players, the AWP Asiimov is ranked in the list of the prettiest CS:GO skins. This “Covert” sniper rifle of a Star Wars-inspired color pattern in an iced tone of white, orange, and metallic black. 

Currently, the newest-looking pieces available in the marketplace are “Field-Tested,” which usually cost $121.90 apiece. A StatTrak version is available for a price range of around $270.

Final Thoughts

Since the introduction of the “Arms Deal” update, CS:GO skins became the most desired in-game items in the global iGaming community. Currently, these items became valuable virtual assets compared to cryptocurrencies.

Some of the world’s rarest CS:GO skin can cost thousands of dollars, which even results in a controversial discussion on whether virtual items entirely made of pixels are actually worth the price.

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