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Modern Warfare 2 Set to Offer Vintage Levels as Premium DLC

The approaching release of has become one of the most eagerly awaited milestones in the game since it is the most grandiose endeavor in the Call of Duty genre.

Fans throughout the globe are continuously searching for fresh Modern Warfare 2 details, so the buzz is real. However, one speculation that caught the interest of the group members was the expected inclusion of vintage levels from the first Modern Warfare 2 in the future version of the game.

TheGhostOfHope, a well-known conspiracy theorist known throughout the industry, reported the story. The gamers were left wondering if this model collection will be available as complimentary material or as a premium piece of digital downloads in light of this announcement.

The whistleblower has since clarified in a follow-up tweet that the model collection will be a premium piece of downloadable content (DLC) and gave more details.

A Possible Inclusion of Vintage COD Licensing Levels in Modern Warfare 2

Most of the other gameplay modes from the initial edition of Modern Warfare 2 may be included as multiple expansions, according to the previous disclosure from TheGhostOfHope. The audience has reacted with great excitement to this revelation because some of the previous iteration’s routes continue to be gamers’ preferences today.

Nevertheless, according to a latest publication by TheGhostOfHope, similar models may be included in the “best blockbuster model collection,” that is currently being created to commemorate the Call of Duty series’s 20 years of popularity.

The finest terrain from earlier Call of Duty games including Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer will additionally be included, according to the sources, in addition to the iconic levels from the inaugural Modern Warfare 2.

This revelation dampens the party for some of those anticipating for something to be complementary material because TheGhostOfHope has also said that this terrain collection would be offered as sponsored advertising.

The public’s emotions to this announcement have been conflicted. Many players are fine because this is a premium DLC, whereas a large number are worried that this would significantly divide the queues and result in lengthy backlog rates for sorting.

This worry stems from the possibility that many players won’t purchase a premium DLC, forcing those who have done so to wait in long lines as the algorithm seeks other individuals who share their interests in addition to playing collectively.

Many people in the forum are also annoyed by the fact that they will actually have to pay a considerable sum for the program proper. Further than that, many gamers find it highly frustrating to purchase a model collection that will include outdated features.

Although the audience is responding as it usually does, gamers should keep in mind that this information was leaked. They should thus treat it with caution and watch for a formal declaration from the corporation.

Individuals cannot dispute the fact that they’re eager to experience the classic locations in Modern Warfare 2’s improved visuals and playability, though. Gamers will thus be anticipating the release of this level bundle.

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