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Seagull Criticizes Blizzard For Hiding the Overwatch 2 Sequel Hero Kiriko Behind the Combat Pass

Retired Overwatch League star Brandon “Seagull” Larned is not a believer in Blizzard’s decision to put a brand-new hero under a battle royale game.

Following years of media speculation, Kiriko has most definitely been announced as the latest backup character coming to Overwatch 2. Fans love Kiriko’s appearance and are pleased to have a new support figure, although Blizzard has already said that Kiriko won’t be immediately available when the episode starts on October 4.

Publishers confirmed that gamers will have admission to Kiriko through the Overwatch 2 combat reservation system. Per the Business Head Jon Spector, the protagonists may be obtained without obtaining the royale pass, but this implies they won’t be instantly accessible when the sport releases.

The Overwatch community is already disliking what they have heard thus far about the Season One Battle Pass, but more facts about it will be released shortly.

This also applies to Seagull, who recently vented on stream over the battle pass.

In response to the Overwatch 2 battle pass system, the seagull, Overwatch has been streamed by Seagull nonstop for some time. He stated that support mains have been patiently waiting for a new support hero during a recent Twitch live on September 8. This served to further offend the observers through the battle pass system.

According to him, backup warriors must wait 2.5 years before getting a champion. You have to work extremely hard for this trash, they get a nasty bitch as their initial backup figure,” he continued.

The remainder of Seagull’s explanation focused on the combat pass system’s stranger aspects. He promised that new warriors Sojourn and Junker Queen will be available to purchase. The “weird one out” that users will have to overpay for or strive extremely hard to get is Kiriko, though.

Why not premiere [with the main components] at rollout? After this, you would have to put a lot of effort into each personality in upcoming episodes. “No, they select out the believers,” Seagull commented.

The selection to incorporate Kiriko in the combat pass really seems to irk Seagull. Several others in the Overwatch audience share the same response and are interested to know how much Kiriko costs and when she will be unlocked. Previous whistleblowers have suggested it may take several days.

At this moment, the intricacies of the combat pass are mostly unknown. The combat pass goods that were disclosed included over 80 more merchandise and an Epic skin for Kiriko. Presumably, the new hero is also among the alleged combat pass bonuses.

Overwatch 2 combat pass information may ultimately be expanded upon by Blizzard researchers, which may soothe some of the corporation’s concerns.

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