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The Management of Axie Infinity’s Game Studio Declares a $2 Million Grant for Esports

Axle Infinity’s development studio, Sky Mavis, just secured 160,000 AXS ($2M) in funding for Esports Grant 3.

Sky Mavis, the video game company for Axie Infinity, has launched its third Esports sponsorship following the conclusion of its inaugural electrified Global Finals at AxieCon. The company has given out over 13,000 AXS in prior Axie Esports Scholarships, opening up a channel for beta testers to get funding for holding events. In a statement, Sky Mavis stated that 160,000 AXS will be dedicated to the company’s exponential development throughout the next three quarters.

Professionals, amateurs, digital leagues/invitational, and provincial tournaments will all get assistance from the funding at various levels. The distribution of funding support will be maximized thanks to this provision. If the group is unable in securing sufficient significant event coordinators, the excess AXS will indeed be carried over to the next award.

The Four Layers of Grants

Reward pools for major competitions with significant prize money, powerful competitive preliminaries, and a sizable commanding interaction with a LAN championship will range from $150k to $1M. The reward fund must be funded with 80% of the incentives. Relatively small competitions will provide less money in prizes; reward pools for certain internet preliminaries and live LAN championships will range from $50,000 to $150,000. 20% of the money can be utilized for expenditures, with the remaining 80% going toward the reward fund.

Reward pools for internet challenger games will range from $10,000 to $50,000. 10% could be used for operating costs, and 90% will go toward the contest stream. In addition, rewards for provincial and municipal competitions will range from $1,000 to $9,999. 10% can indeed be utilized for expenditures not covered by the progressive jackpot while the remaining 90% will be included in the grand reward.

All advertisers nominated must get approval from SkyMavis. Game directors may qualify for a maximum of two championships. Gamers that advance through unrestricted qualifications will not be reimbursed for their transportation costs. However, the competition has to be capable of assuring that competitors get rewards during the championship.

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