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Upcoming Release of PUBG For Mobile: When to Expect Patch 2.2 

The upcoming patch upgrade for PUBG Mobile is scheduled to debut in September 2022, and gamers can finally celebrate as the creators have announced its launch date. Patch 2.2 will be released on September 13, 2022, and customers will start receiving thrilling incentives shortly after running the upgrade.

Tencent, who is the game provider, looks set to add a ton of internal additions in the upcoming release, continuing the trend set by earlier releases. The Nusa terrain, many improvements, plot points, and much more are on the way, according to gamers who have already encountered this patch fixes unannounced features through the beta mod file.

According to reports, the patch 2.2 is set to go live on September 13, 2022; however, gamers might not instantly receive the upgrade on their smartphones. Before consumers can access the “Upgrade” feature on the Google Play or Apple App Store, they may need to queue up for the upgrade to spread up.

However, prior to actually upgrading their applications, one must make sure there is enough Read Only Memory (ROM) and a high speed internet connectivity, as instructed by the design team. Gamers will get the accompanying free gifts via internal correspondence after installing the upgrade which are listed below

  • 3000 BP (Battle Points)
  • 100 AG (Ace Gold)
  • enchanted night helmet (3h)

Players may get the next Mod Apk patch on their mobile devices and tablets by following these steps:

  1. After patch 2.2 is released, gamers should browse the Google App Store or IOS Store on their mobile gadgets.
  1. Next, they must click on the appropriate turn outs after searching for Mod Apk in the address bar.
  1. At this point, players must click the “Install/Update” option to activate the 2.2 release’s installation.
  1. After the setup is finished, users must click the “Open” option to add the component modules and further refresh files.

In order to access the action, they must utilize their preferred method in step 5.

With that, users may begin experiencing the most recent 2.2 features for PUBG Mobile on their smartphones. In addition to mobile phones, one may enjoy PUBG Mobile on their desktop or laptop by utilizing major Android emulators and following the identical instructions for installing the most recent update.

Regrettably for Indian fans, Krafton hasn’t expressed any intentions to provide a 2.2 patch for Battlegrounds Mobile India after its suspension. However, until the creators of BGMI provide a comeback schedule for the application, gamers can move toward other apps like New State Mobile or Apex Legends Mobile.

By adding new features and upgrades, the PUBG Mobile creators want to keep players invested in the action. It is unknown what all the goodies will be for the forthcoming PUBG Mobile 2.2 release. As a result, you could see some of them or all of them in the upcoming release.

In the meantime, keep checking back for further details regarding PUBG Mobile and its ecosystem. Make sure you don’t employ any questionable tactics to end yourself on a watchlist. If you ever find yourself in that predicament, have a look at the instructions for how to unban a PUBG Mobile user.

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