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Carlos Rodriguez, G2 Esports CEO Resigns His Position Amidst Rumours of Engagement with Andrew Tate

Carlos Rodriguez, the CEO of G2 eSports, resigned from his appointment just one week later releasing footage of himself having fun alongside Andrew Tate, a prominent advocate for men’s liberation as well as a suspected human trafficker. Rodriguez posted a three-minute long explanation of the choice on the microblogging app, Twitter, and immediately after which, the authorized G2 handle issued a public announcement as regards the subject at hand.

In his televised address, Rodriguez said, “I assume total accountability for whatever that happened from over the previous few days. I subsequently thanked supporters and friends and concluded, “Recollect, we’re warriors, we flourish not just when we conquer, but since we consistently get up off the ground.

In an announcement on Rodriguez’s resignation, G2 said, “We really like to emphasize the fact that we never accept any sort of sexism.” We keep placing a high priority on promoting inclusion and helping a multicultural video game industry.

After receiving criticism for his relationship with Tate the other week, Rodriguez issued an apology and announced a two-month leave without pay or absence. Tate, an erstwhile mixed martial artist, rose to fame recently as a “men’s rights” online figure before being expelled from the majority of the main social networking websites. The Romanian tabloid Gândul reports that authorities conducted a search of Tate and his brother’s house in April as part of an inquiry into molestation and human trafficking.

With competitive players participating in titles like Valorant and League of Legends, G2 is a significant esports company. Rodriguez’s joy of G2 advancing to the League of Legends global championships was captured in the clip at the center of the issue. Although there has been no independent announcement from Riot Games that Rodriguez’s activities were the reason for G2’s denial of a prized trademark seat in the next Valorant tournament, Esportsnewscentral claims that this happened this previous week.

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