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Coach Mushi of Boom Esports Welcomes a Baby

Chai, a renowned Dota 2 player from Malaysia who is presently Boom Esports’ coach, a “laborer,” has revealed that he just joined the league of parents as he just became a father. This news was first conveyed by the new father as he informed the general public today that his son was born.

Mushi reveals he just became a parent. Mushi revealed the joyful surprise with his followers by posing for a photo with his newborn child after tweeting that he and his wife had just had a newborn. He posted the joyful announcement to social media, referring to her baby as “Mushi Jr.”

Numerous Dota 2 figures approached the forum to applaud him after learning of the birth of his baby.

Before Chai’s first appointment with BOOM Esports on October 28, 2021, he was TNC Predator’s head coach. He became part of the TNC team during the climax of the DPC league organized for the whole region at the time. At the time, the major move was made by the board because of their desperate move to win the only available ticket for the qualifiers. 

Sadly, the final words were that they had to battle it out with a 5-man team against Fnatic which ended in a loss. Fnatic conqueror for a trip to Bucharest, Romania. This TNC’s loss ushered in the very first drastic change any team had put up in years as they released every member of the squad.

With an old flair for Indonesian professionals, BOOM had an amazing recruitment experience as top professionals were harvested across the region. There has been significant progress ever since as their line-up now hosts players like Timothy Randrup and Rolen Gabriel.

Since 2011, Mushi has represented Orange Esports as being among the greatest Malaysian Dota 2 gamers. Ever since, Mushi has enjoyed a stellar career, never placing below the big three with Orange Esports at TI3. In addition to this, he has never missed out on the final four with DK as well as Fnatic at TI4 and TI6, correspondingly.

Mushi stopped competing for Squad SMG and transitioned into a full-time gaming coach. He is now the manager of Boom Esports. Upon rejoining the squad, Boom Esports has continuously been among the strongest players in Southeast Asia, taking the top position as one of the biggest gaming events called GAMERS GALAXY with Dubai and Thailand being the host of the 2022 season.

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