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Esport Professional Danced TWICE to Nayeon’s “POP”, Goes Viral

The spheres of K-Pop and electronic games frequently collide, with players of bands like TWICE, aespa, BTS, and BLACKPINK demonstrating considerable prowess as players via partnerships and endorsements or by just playing the game out of pure leisure.

The interaction between K-Pop celebrities and esports experts sometimes referred to as “professional players” (brief for “electronic sports,” which refers to a competitive tournament utilizing console games), is frequently shown in memorable scenes. Recently, one specific occurrence surprised spectators. When Jake “Boaster” Howlett was presented, he abruptly made the decision to start dancing next to hundreds of thousands of spectators!

An important figure of the ONCE, Felix during a TikTok live session with a colleague, Hyunjin, used Nayeon’s debut single. Titled “POP”, this track by TWICE’s biggest figure was on the lips of all the supporters. In another song used during the live stream, Felix confirmed that he was able to navigate through quarantine at the time. 

Expressions of how classic the song was taken over all social media platforms with Felix publicly attesting his love for the track. A major growth factor of this track is the hand choreography that went vita for “POP”. 

In spite of his brief appearance, TWICE Nayeon’s standalone song “POP!” with its intricate movement will be immediately recognizable to ONCEs.

Boaster’s own post, which he posted, attested to the complete intentionality of his acts. He made the decision to enter VALORANT Winners 2022, one of the greatest esports competitions of the year.

The company Riot Games, which also produced League of Legends, what could possibly be the most well-liked multiplayer mode video game in South Korea, released the well-liked first-person assault VALORANT.

Supporters of esports and K-Pop will recall these instances warmly for generations to follow because they are uncommon.

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