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Fresh League of Legends Updates and Its Possible Impacts in the Gaming World 

On September 8, 2022, the second of three patches will be released as League of Legends new updates. This patch primarily focuses on the professional play while also containing some champion-related upgrades.  Only 30-35 champions have been played, and the meta for the playoffs has mostly been solved. Changed by this patch, hopefully.

The influence of one system modification and four champion updates on the professional gaming style of play will be felt.  The community is extremely excited as regards the impending change in the meta-game for worlds. The sole reason for this is the improved competition which will come with it. 

Expected Change

For Maokai:

Champion Buffs for the latest patch of League of Legends Maokai will provide a minor rework for Maokai. Just like the past upgrades effected on Ahri and Swain in 2021, the mid-scope upgrade for Maokai is set to replicate that. Judging by the short overview of the major changes, his jungle clear is getting significantly boosted, his saplings won’t proc their enhanced damage on minions, and his ultimate is getting various buffs.

Another significant change that could come along with the latest patch is the upgrade of his ultimate as it now travels at an increased speed with matching acceleration with the opponent’s hit.

For Hecarim:

Although minor, the new patch also takes effect on Hecarim. It upgrades the playing style to fresh original drain tank status. The battle time is extended as against the previous short battle session in the old patch. This change also comes with improved efficiency of his bruiser build and decreased crowd control which was possible through upgrades on Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows. The extended fight sessions are made possible through upgrades on Rampage and Spirit of the Dread.

Azir has unquestionably been the most powerful mid-laner throughout the playoffs around the world. He has never been easy to balance for professional play because few solo queue players can make use of the pro’s skill to min/max his kit.

All targets will take less damage from Arise! when its ability power ratio decreases by 10%. Three of his major advantages—waveclear, damage to champions, and damage to goals—are impacted by this.

For Shifting Sands:

Shifting Sands now has a longer cooldown as well. Since it’s the only mobility weapon he has, he must utilize it defensively and offensively depending on the circumstance. This is the largest nerf he is getting, and in professional play, it makes him much more open to ganks early on.

For the new patch, Renekton also receives nerfs. In the playoffs, top laners all around the globe have made Renekton a reliable blind choice. With a nice combination of damage and endurance, his Blade of the Ruined King into Sunfire Cape combo has been dominating. His base Q damage has been decreased, but the AD ratios have been raised, which has weakened this build. In other words, to perform the same amount of damage that he is doing now, he will need to develop more offensive equipment. He ought to play less professionally as a result of this.

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