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Lec Disputes It Made G2 Make a Decision When Carlos Resigned

Since Carlos Rodriguez, now (erstwhile) Chief operating officer of G2, first appeared on the primary homepage of each social networking site used by enthusiasts, it has been over a week. Carlos has been given an eight-week extended ban when material that featured him celebrating with Andrew Tate became published, it was disclosed on September 19th. Carlos Rodriguez reportedly withdrew from G2 in response to the most recent events, sold his stock in the company, and made an effort to deflect attention from the scandal.

Business followers and reps rushed to the radio to express their viewpoints as the crisis developed on social networking sites. On well-known websites including Twitter and Reddit, allegations, rumors, and assertions were spread. The hypothesis that Riot Games and/or the LEC were responsible for Carlos’ departure occupied the peak of something like the “concepts chart.”

But Does That Claim Hold Any Water?

Carlos’ resignation has never really been solicited by the LEC, Maximilian Peter Schmidt, Riot Games’ Director of Champions for League of Legends in EMEA, provided an explanation in a message via the microblogging app, Twitter.

As soon as this assertion was made public, Twitter user Stane3r instantly made an incriminating comment, saying, “LEC didn’t demand, Riot did.” In rebuttal to the assertion, Schmidt only stated:

There are currently rumors going around that Carlos Rodriguez’s departure was primarily motivated by G2’s stockholders. Even as the LEC examination got underway, there have been worries that G2 may forfeit its position on the lineup. That would be awful development given the recent announcement that G2 wouldn’t even be associated with any Valorant organizations. Before the Andrew Tate scandal, it seemed certain that G2 would indeed pass muster, but Riot Games suddenly appeared to have changed their minds.

What Next? 

As Of May 2022, G2 was estimated to be worth well over $340 million, making this the most profitable esports organization in the sector. Riot Games had not even technically sent a proposal to G2 to become a figure of the thirty partners in the Valorant community, but the company had already started looking for ways to obtain squads and join the North American arena.

At the moment, it is uncertain who might end up replacing Carlos as the Chief operating officer of G2, a corporation which has been associated with the esports sector as a whole. Almost all of the reasons behind Carlos’ withdrawal from the company are undisclosed, and they might never be fully disclosed. Notwithstanding the encouragement from Carlos’ acquaintances, family, and coworkers, it appears that an additional covert objective inside the G2 steering committee may well have eventually pushed Carlos’ decision.

Speculating after the scenario’s repercussions have fully shown themselves is baseless and it is unknown what the next move around the firm will be.

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