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Popular Twitch Live Broadcaster, Jerma985 Announces His Intention To Leave the Platform

Prominent broadcaster Jerma has shared his opinions on Twitch’s most significant modifications to it’s own affiliate compensation scheme. Jerma’s real name is Jeremy “Jerma985” Elbertson.

Jerma questioned his audience whether they would be cognizant of the system’s plan to adjust the income distribution and introduce additional commercial rewards for copyright holders during a broadcast yesterday morning.

The 36-year-old subsequently stated that he will not even be putting advertisements on his stream and therefore that, if forced to do so, he will indeed abandon Twitch:

“I shall exit this community if I am designed to run advertisements. 100%. I won’t be compelled to broadcast advertising, therefore.” Jerma985 discusses on Twitch reasons he can’t just put advertisements on his stream.

Dan Clancy, chairman of Twitch, disclosed the imminent modifications to the associate compensation mechanism on September 21. He revealed that the network will switch to a fresh 50/50 membership income scheme, abandoning the 70/30 share. On June 1st, 2023, the revised process will give into operation.

Clancy added that the Commercial Rewards Program’s latest increase will benefit media companies who have been negatively affected by the new compensation structure. An extract of the medium post is provided below:

“We sought to ensure that the effect on the people who are impacted was as small as possible, not only by providing them enough time before the contract takes hold, in addition to providing them with an other option to generate money. For all of these bigger broadcasters, our rapid uptick in the Advertisement Reward System’s profit split to 55% is a wonderful method to generate the majority, maybe not all, of that income.”

Somewhere at six-hour point of his September 22 show, Jerma discussed the aforesaid developments and declared he would no longer be airing advertisements on his network. He declared:

“Several of you noticed the headlines about Twitch altering the way it monetize affiliates, I’m quite confident. Just to make quite explicit, I’m not promoting any advertising! It is just not taking place. So, let’s wait and see where that develops.” He paused for a moment before explaining his opposition to running advertisements:

“I suppose, I clearly have ideas about it, and the main one is that I do not wish to be compelled to run advertisements. Since a huge number of individuals, in my opinion, are now effectively contributing a subscription to the broadcast. I wouldn’t say, “Oh yes! Basically, I’m grateful for your Netflix-like membership. There are tons of advertising here, every day! I’m not going to do that. I won’t, for that reason.”

Pre-roll commercials were admitted by Jerma, who claimed he seemed to have no influence over them. He asserted that he could manage other commercials that play during the program, nevertheless. He stated:

“So, let’s get to it. Pre-rolls and advertisements do broadcast, and I have very little influence over it. I do indeed have influence over, if there is such a thing, but I would not wish to flee when you should be seated here. I object to running advertising.”

The broadcaster appended:

You’ve likely encountered advertisements on major broadcasts previously, either as filler or as a must. Irrespective of how they affect membership income, I will not serve advertisements.

Some streamers, including Zack “Asmongold,” Rachell “Valkyrae,” Pokelawls, and some others, have expressed disapproval with the forthcoming modifications to Twitch.

Twitch was criticized by YouTube star Sean “Jacksepticeye” for “appearing like a few unprofessional service”

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