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“This is not Understandable”: Gaming Critics Shows Frustration After Federico Valverde Bags La Liga POTM in FIFA 23

The very first and inaugural La Liga Player of the Month for FIFA 23 is Federico Valverde, who received the honor for September.

Throughout the previous several campaigns, the Uruguayan national has indeed been outstanding for Real Madrid. He had also, nevertheless, truly begun to shine this season, managing their core and delivering important strikes.

To honor this accomplishment, Valverde has been given a special Team Structure Mission. Supporters, meanwhile, are not particularly happy with both the price and the boost the board obtained well over the reference standard edition.

Gamers aren’t particularly fond of pricey Federico Valverde was the POTM in FIFA 23. Valverde was indeed a member of the inaugural FIFA 23 Squad of the Week roster, as well as the POTM board featuring very similar numbers as the TOTW edition. Furthermore, the switch from winger down to a midfield maestro occurs at a hefty price.

The conscious resolution by EA Sports hasn’t been well received by the supporters, who already have flocked to Twitter to voice their unhappiness.

Critics say that perhaps the SBC’s higher price well over TOTW edition is a cheap knock, despite the fact that now the placement shift tends to render it simpler for them to include Valverde in the FUT team.

Whenever the SBC was revealed, popular YouTuber and broadcaster Zweback voiced his shock at high SBC demands on the microblogging app, Twitter.

FUT Consultant, a Twitter handle with a FIFA theme, posted a really informative SBC evaluation including the conclusion that perhaps the SBC is not good enough to justify the token commitment. The fandom is perplexed by the update method EA Sports is using for current POTM editions.

This specific follower requested EA for clarity on how they determine the enhancements given to POTM recipients and voiced his perplexity in doing so.

Mike LaBelle, a retired competitive FIFA player, also shared his opinions mostly on SBC in a fairly illuminating movie about the POTM Valverde rating.

Most respect his advice considering that he has excelled at the highest levels of esports competition and has become an expert in FIFA 23.

Critics also compared Valverde to the marketable substitutes available in the FIFA 23 resale pool, as is customary anytime a costly SBC is published.

Rather than spending their cash in on an immovable N’Golo Kante, a player may just buy a transferable legacy edition of the player character, as one Social media follower noted out. Valerio Federico

Via Twitter, a different fan posted a very extensive evaluation of the unique Valverde board that included both positive and negative points. It would have been fascinating to see how much the cost of the task influenced his total grade of 6, which he awarded the merchandise.

On Twitter, things weren’t all bad, though. Many users considered the condition to be amusing, making comments and posting parodies regarding the cost of the most recent SBCs issued by EA Sports. This also applies to Marcus Rashford’s fresh POTM badge.

For FIFA 23 League Play, this past week has proven very exciting. EA Sports had put out a ton of stuff to retain the audience’s interest, but many of its choices have indeed been rarely done.

Now when the gameplay process is firmly in motion, supporters will indeed be keen to discover where the material develops.

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