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FIFAe World Cup Final Day Preview: Semi-Finals and Finals Prediction

The Final Day of the FIFAe World Cup is upon us. In less than 24 hours the world champion will be crowned. The event has a $1,000,000 prize pool with $300,000 going to the winner.

Date/Location: Wednesday, July 19 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Where to Watch: FIFAe’s Youtube Channel
Kickoff Time: 9 AM ET, 6 AM PT, 1 PM GMT

The event began with 24 competitors who all played 10 group-stage games. The round of 16 and quarterfinals took place Tuesday and only 4 players remain. The FIFAe World Cup is the climactic main 1v1 event of the FIFAe year-long competitions. There was also the FIFAe Club Series as well as the FIFAe Nations Series events which are both played 2v2 that took place prior to the World Cup.

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ManuBachoore vs Obrun2002:

It is a rematch of the FIFAe Nations Series Semifinal. Obrun’s Italy squad was eliminated by Manu’s Netherlands team 3-0 although Manu was a substitute for those 2 games. 

Kickoff Time: 9 AM ET, 6 AM PT, 1 PM GMT

ManuBachoore (6-4-4) 40GF  29GA Club: Team Gullit, Nation: Netherlands:

Manuel Bachoore had an incredibly dominant first 3 games in the knockout round. Manu finished 4th Group D so he matched with AboMakkah in the round of 16 who won Group B. Manu won the 2-leg series by a score of 10 to 2. He won the first leg of the quarterfinals 5-0 over RvPLegend10. In the second leg of the quarterfinals, RvP battled back to tie the series 5-5 but Manu ultimately won the series with a late go-ahead goal. It was almost a flashback of the Nations Cup for Manu in which he was a member of the Netherlands who lost the Final to Brazil after winning the first leg 2-0.

Manu had a 3-4-3 record in group D which was a group of his countryman as 3 of the 6 players hailed from the Netherlands.

Team Gullit:

Qualified for the Europe North-West regional playoffs but went 0-2-2 thus failed to qualify for the Club Series.


Lost in the Nations Cup Finals 2-3 to Brazil after winning the first leg 2-0. Manu started as a substitute in the final and subbed in late in the 2nd game.

Obrun2002 (7-3-4) 29GF 22GA Club: Team Exeed, Nation: Italy:

Obrun has been a come-from-behind player in the knockout round. He lost the first leg by 1 goal in both the round of 16 and the quarterfinals. Both times he came back in the 2nd leg to win by multiple goals to advance to the next round. His last game was his largest margin of victory in the knockouts as he won 3-0 over VeJrgang who finished 1st in Group D.

Obrun was one of 2 Italians to qualify for the tournament. In the group phase, he was 5-3-2 with his only losses coming from Jonny and RvPLegend10 who finished 1st and 3rd in the group respectively. Obrun finished 2nd in Group C.

Team Exeed:

Qualified for the Club Series. Lost in the round of 16 4-0 to Atlantide Wave. Was 2-6-2 in the group stage finishing 6th in their group.


Lost in the Nations Series Semi-Finals to the Netherlands 3-0 with all goals being scored in the second leg.

PHzin vs Mark11:

Kickoff Time: 10 AM ET, 7 AM PT, 2 PM GMT

PHzin (4-3-3) 25GF 22GA Club: AFC Ajax Brazil, Nation: Brazil:

Defeated Tekkz who finished 2nd in Group B in the round of 16 by a score of 5-4. Advanced past Stingrayjnr who won Group A by a score of 4-3 in the quarter-finals.

Went 4-3-3 in the group stage placing third in Group D, 1 spot ahead of ManuBachoore.

AFC Ajax Brazil:

Qualified for the Club Series. Did not make it out of their group stage after finishing 2-3-3. Only the top 2 out of 5 teams per group advance and AFC Ajax Brazil finished 4th in their group.


Brazil won the Nations Cup. PHzin scored a beautiful game-winning goal for Brazil who won the tournament 3-2 despite trailing the Netherlands 2-0 after the first game. It was the 2nd year in a row Brazil won the event. PHzin was a player for Brazil last year as well.

Mark11 (3-5-2) 24GF 19GA Club: Team FUTWIZ, Nation: Australia:

Mark 11 advanced past Montaxer 3-0 who finished 4th in their group in the quarterfinal after defeating Yilmaz who finished 2nd in their group 6-5 in the round of 16.

Mark 11 finished third in Group B with a 3-5-2 record in the group phase..


After a 3-4-3 group stage saw them place 3rd in their group they lost to the Netherlands 2-1 in the round of 16 in the Nations Series.


Team FUTWIZ made the Oceania playoffs for the Club Series but did not make it past that stage to qualify for the FIFAe Club Series.

FIFAe World Cup Final:

Kickoff Time: 11:30 AM ET, 8:30 AM PT, 3:30PM GMT

The winner of PHzin vs Mark11 will play the winner of ManuBachoore vs Obrun 2002. The winner will get the coveted trophy as well as a smooth $300,000 USD.


I predict ManuBachoore to win over Obrun2002. Manu has been playing really good form until his last game which was a close one and also a wake-up call. He has had too much success offensively for me to foresee him losing.

I predict PHzin to beat Mark11. PHzin has just been finding ways to win and has such a long resume of success. Mark 11 has played well to get here but some might say he was fortunate that Jonny was eliminated in the round of 16 by Montaxer.

I predict ManuBachoore to defeat PHzin in the final. Manu is highly motivated after the disappointing loss in the Nations Cup. He was completely disappointed in his post-game interview following the Nations Cup Final and he is playing hot right now.


Group A Standings

Group B Standings

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Group D Standings

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