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ManuBachoore Wins FIFAe World Cup: Semi-Finals and Finals Recap

The FIFAe World Cup concluded after a thrilling Wednesday in which the semi-finals and finals were all decided in penalties. After the final we had controversy.

Manuel Bachoore, the 18-year-old of the Netherlands is crowned the FIFAe World Cup Champion and wins the $300,000 USD prize money. Manuel Bachoore “ManuBachoore” of the Netherlands defeated Mark Zakhary “Mark11” of Australia in the final.

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Semi Final: ManuBachoore 4 – 3 Obrun2002

Semi Final: Mark11 3 – 2 PHzin

Final: ManuBachoore 4 – 3 Mark11


Group Results and Bracket 

Semi Final: ManuBachoore 4 – 3 Obrun2002

Leg 1 ManuBachoore – Obrun2002

Obrun was defending well when a contested ball came back to Manu who shot a very well-placed ball through a tight window into the top left corner.

In the 32nd minute, Obrun made a give-and-go play to create some separation inside the 18-yard box. After some fancy footwork, he buried the shot near the edge of the 6-yard box to even the score.

In the 40th minute, Obrun attempted to take advantage of a keeper’s sweep attempt after he recovered the ball and shot it from a great distance while the keeper was not in a position to make the save but the shot was just a touch high and to the right.

Halftime: ManuBachoore 1- 1 Obrun2002

Obrun scored a cheeky goal chipped over the goalkeeper from outside the 18-yard box in the 72nd minute.

Obrun showed really good defending in the first game keeping Manu for the most part outside when defending in his own end.

Leg 2 ManuBachoore 1 – 2 Obrun2002

In the 5th minute, a diving header on a cross almost saw Obrun score but the shot went just wide to the right.

In the 23rd minute, Obrun found an opening passing the ball to a player about 8 yards out but the strike went off the post.

Not a high amount of high-scoring chances as both players played well defensively in the first half.

Halftime ManuBachoore 1 – 2 Obrun2002

In the 62nd minute, Obrun had a chance just inside the 18 but the shot sailed over the goal.

Obrun hit the crossbar in the 72nd minute and moments later Manu made some passes in a congested area before scoring a well-placed shot left of the keeper.

Extra Time ManuBachoore 3 – 3 Obrun2002

In the 99th minute, Obrun scored on a shot just inside 18 and placed in the top left corner to take the lead.

In the 105th minute, Obrun scored on a header following a good cross into the box to even the score.

Penalties ManuBachoore 3 – 3 Obrun2002

Both shots were saved in the first round, and both teams scored in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Both teams made saves again in the 4th round.

All tied in the 5th room and Manu made the save on Obrun’s shot. Manu scored his shot to win the 2-game series with a shot into the top left corner with a heart rate of 161.

“It doesn’t feel real, I felt so relaxed playing, I dont’ know why. I felt like I was calm and I had the confidence to come back in the game and I did it, I won the game.” Manu stated following the semi-final victory. 

“Some good luck in penalties of course. I think my mental resilience to keep into the game, keep believing that I could come back that’s what gave me this victory. With being calm I excluded the penalties of course because that’s like lottery.”

“I don’t know what to say, I’m so sad because I think that I deserve that match. Not like last year because I say GGs to Nikolas because he deserved that this time was my time, was my match. I think that maybe this time was my time was my match. Lost on penalties, I don’t know  what to say.” Obrun2002 commented following the loss in penalties.

Semi-Final: Mark11 3 – 2 PHzin

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Leg 1 Mark11 – PHzin

Mark 11 made 3 quick passes to create some space in the 30th minute to create a quality chance but the keeper made the save.

Mark 11 made a couple of quick passes to get the ball in the box. A shot was blocked and then Mark 11 buried the rebound to take the lead in the 35th minute.

PHzin had a good chance in the 39th minute but the shot grazed the outside of the net as it was just wide.

Halftime Mark11 1 – 0 PHzin

In the 55th minute, PHzin crossed the ball to a player alone in space. Mark11’s keeper charged out for the sweep missing the ball. For a moment it looked PHzin could have an easy goal but his player mishandled the touch and the defenders closed in and took away the opportunity.

Leg 2 Mark11 1 – 0 PHzin

A great chance 10 yards out for PHzin was denied by the keeper in the 7th minute.

PHzin had another great chance in the 20th minute after a centering pass created a chance with the goalie far out of position to make the save but a defender blocked the shot.

PHzin had a strike from a distance forcing a diving save from outside the 18-yard box in the 23rd minute.

Halftime Mark11 1 – 0 PHzin

In the 50th minute, PHzin had a hard-angle shot that generated a rebound which another of his players kicked into the net tying the series.

Mark 11 had a hard angle shot in the 60th minute which was saved with no rebound.

PHzin demonstrated some great footwork to create a chance on the left side of the box in the 80th minute that Mark11’s keeper saved.

Extra Time Mark11 1 – 1 PHzin

Both teams were playing solid defense keeping each other from having quality chances.

In the 105th minute, Mark11 executed some beautiful footwork to create just enough space for a strike and shot the ball left of the keeper and into the net.

In the 118th minute, PHzin was carrying the play toward Mark11’s box when Mark 11 nearly took the ball away. PHzin made a low-percentage pass toward the middle that somehow found its way to its target despite hitting Mark11’s defender first. PHzin shot the ball into the top right corner of the net to even the score.

Penalties Mark11 2 – 2 PHzin

Mark 11 managed to save PHzin’s first shot. It was the only save in the first 4 rounds.

Mark11 placed the ball into the top right corner to advance to the FIFAe World Cup Finals.

“I can’t even describe it, it’s amazing. This is such a dream to me. I can’t believe I’m actually top 2. I was already at goal to make World Cup and now I’m at the finals. I can’t believe it.” Mark11 stated after advancing to the finals.

“Especially in pens too, in Nations going out like that in penalties that hurt a lot so I can feel how PHzin, so I feel bad for him. I feel I played well for the majority of the game. His 2 goals were a bit interesting, but I think I played well throughout the whole game.”

“I’m not going to lie I used to be so bad at defending. I’ve improved a lot on my defending. I’m more composed in the box. I don’t slide tackle, I try to stand him up and it paid off.” Mark on his defensive play in the semi-final.

“Yeah very sad. I think I deserved a little bit more the second game.” PHzin commented following the semi-finals loss.  “I’m very proud with my season. It’s very good. Thank you for all the support from Brazilians. I’m sorry, I try everything this tournament. My promise for you and for all the guys looking at me now, I win this tournament one time in my career for sure.”

Final: ManuBachoore 4 – 3 Mark11

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Leg 1 ManuBachoore – Mark11

Manu had a good strike after a passing to an open player in the middle which was turned away by a diving keeper in the third minute.

In the 7th minute, Mark11 passed the ball to an open man just inside the 18-yard box who quickly turned and shot the ball into the top left corner on what was a terrific strike.

Mark11 scored again on a powerful strike from just outside the 18 after a couple of quick passes in the 15th minute.

Manu had the ball often in Mark’s side of the field but rarely was able to get it inside the 18-yard box due to strong defending by Mark.

Half Time ManuBachoore 0 – 2 Mark11

In the 48th minute, Mark had a strike from a distance that went wide right from the top of the 18.

In the 64th minute, Manu made 2 great passes quickly to find a player in space and buried the shot into the right side of the net.

In the 81st minute, Manu made a nice cutback to create a space before scoring a goal that banked in off the left post.

Manu had 2 other plays that looked promising in the final 10 minutes but Mark made defensive plays taking the ball away before they could be dangerous.

Leg 2 ManuBachoore 2 – 2 Mark11

Mark made a nice play taking the ball from Manu along his own touch line before making a short pass to a player who shot the ball very wide of the net from only about 8 yards out.

In the 12th minute, Manu made a nice cut around a defender on a run into the 18-yard box before shooting it into the right side of the net to take the lead.

Mark had a good chance in the 17th minute after passing it to a player with a good look from about 17 yards out but it was turned away by the keeper.

Mark made a smart pass to a player who had a look from 16 yards and the shot was saved in the 19th minute.

Halftime ManuBachoore 3 – 2 Mark11

Mark had multiple plays in Manu’s end in which he made a flurry of passes and moves to create space in the 2nd half but did not lead to a scoring chance.

In the 82nd minute, Mark made a long risky pass into the 18 which was nearly taken away. Mark made another quick pass to a player near the penalty mark who one-touched the shot sneaking it just inside the left post.

Extra Time ManuBachoore 3 – 3 Mark11

Both players had possession opportunities in each other’s ends but neither was able to generate a good scoring chance in the first 15 minutes of extra time.

In the 116th minute, Manu had possession just outside the 6-yard box on the left side before his pass was intercepted by a well-positioned defender.

Penalties ManuBachoore 3 – 3 Mark11

Manu made 2 saves to open the penalties both diving to the right. Mark11 made a big save on a shot down the middle in the second round. Both players scored on all of their shots in rounds 3 and 4.

To begin round 5 Mark needed to score to stay alive and he did on a shot into the left side of the net. Manu had an opportunity to win the game on the bottom of the 5th round and Mark saved it diving to the goalie’s right forcing sudden death.

Mark scored shooting to the right in the 6th round. Manu shot a well-placed ball to the very top left corner to stay alive.

In the 7th round, Mark shot straight and Manu held his ground making the save. With the opportunity to win Manu shot the ball into the top left sealing his victory and winning the FIFAe World up and the $300,000 prize money.


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There was controversy directly following the match as Mark11 was protesting to officials that he felt the penalties were unfair. Mark’s viewpoint of his POV was put on the stadium screen and he is one of the few players who plays with their controller input overlay over their screen. He was protesting that the penalties were unfair as it was possible for Manu to get an idea of where he was aiming running up to his shots in penalties. The screen was behind where the players were facing so it seems unlikely this would have created an advantage for Manu.

Mark11 was trying to draw attention to this problem at the start of the penalties to the officials but the game was not stopped by officials. The game cannot be paused in penalties. Mark was still trying to get the attention of the officials through the start of the penalties so there would have been adversity to overcome regarding staying focused during that time, but there was likely no disadvantage from the overlay.

“I was 2-nil down and playing very bad. I think Mark if he had been a bit more clinical he could be like 3-nil up. But after the 2-1 I thought like I did this against Obrun I can for sure do this against Mark and I came back 3-2 up. I think I didn’t deserve to concede that goal at the end was a bit lucky for him, but what does it even matter we have the trophy right here.” ManuBachoore stated following the victory.

“I’m a world champion, last year quarter finalist with a feeling there was more in the tournament. This year I came here with less expectations than last year and I won it.”

“First of all I completely understand his anger because when you lose a World Cup final it’s never nice and that way for him he’s probably more hard done by. But at the same time, I was constantly looking at my own screen. I didn’t look back one time and Enzo’s also not looking back one time and he didn’t even say a word so even if he did he didn’t even say a word. I don’t think it changed anything. For him, it was something harsh but in my opinion, this is the only fair solution.” Manu stated regarding the controversy in the penalties.

“The Final if we play tomorrow it could’ve been PHzin against Obrun. This tournament, you need some luck, you need some penalty shootouts, something that’s not in your control to win. I think that happened today, thankfully. 2 Penalty shootouts, I’ll never complain about penalty shootouts again.” Manu said speaking on the parity of the tournament and the difficulty to win.

Group Results and Bracket

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Group A Standings

Group B Standings

Group C Standings

Group D Standings

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